About Virt-Factory

Introducing the next generation of virtualization management

Note: This project is not in active development, but we are keeping this page here in hopes that it will be useful to people with similar management interests and projects. You're invited to explore related projects such as Cobbler, Func, Puppet, and Ovirt.


Virt-Factory is a set of applications for managing a very large number of virtual machines such as might be found in datacenters or compute farms. The goal of the project is to determine new and efficient ways to control these large environments.

Virt-Factory works by managing a pool of registered physical hosts, and then deploying virtual machines, which have specific roles as defined by their "profiles", onto those hosts. These virtual machines can run either Xen or KVM.

The application provides a Web UI, an XMLRPC API, and a command line interface. Basic management support for provisioning and virtualization control (on/off/pause/etc) is available now -- future features will involve tagging, batch management, reporting, automated assistance around deployment ("deploying into the cloud"), and finding good candidate systems for migrations. An example migration case: when taking a host machine down for maintaince, where should the guest virtual machines be moved? We want virt-factory to be able to make these kinds of decisions automatically.

Your feedback is valuable to us. Let us know which virtualization management features are most valuable to you, which ones are not, and which ones you'd like to see. Become a Virt-Factory developer and help us reach our vision. Either way, we'd love to hear from you.